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God's Seven Promises (IF You Overcome Babylon...)

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

A promise was given to each of Messiah's seven communities in the book of Revelation, and they are just as real today as they were almost 2000 years ago.

🎙️ The post-America worldwide Babylon is coming, but are you ready? It’s time to surrender to the God of the Bible and seek His face through prayer like never before as our society descends further into tyranny. Yeshua (Jesus) has not one. . . not two. . . but seven promises for those of us that follow Him with our whole heart. Don’t take the mandatory vaccine to buy and sell, and don’t take the chip. These are the mark of the Beast that will cut you off from salvation!

“And I just felt like a presence, like a warm, like presence of God. And like, I felt like there was some thing higher, like something in a different dimension that was, that was reaching out to me and telling me... I care about you.”


✍️ Here are the show notes:

Speaker: (00:01)

Every single day, people are waking up to what's going on. There is a great awakening. People are asking the questions. Why is there this systematic, evil in the world? How is it that pedophile rings, drug trafficking, all of the systemic corruption in government. How is this allowed to continue? Why is it not put to an end? And that's why this transmission was born. The Babylonian system will be exposed right here, but not only that, we're going to give you practical tips on how to live in a way that's, self-reliant through health and wellness, through strategic relocation and much, much more. My name is Simeon Erez in through faith in the most high together, we will overcome Babylon.

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Oh right. Welcome to overcome Babylon. My name is Simeon. And for those of you who are watching via video, um, you can see that I'm wearing my entire five G shirt, no 5g, 5g kills. Gosh, there's so much crazy news that I can honestly be talking about right now from 5g to, uh, just the new world order. Um, and just so much incredible stuff is happening right now. I'm looking at my computer and we are 13 days away from the 20, 20 election here in the U S um, I am in the U S of course I am based out of the Rocky mountains. And, um, yeah, it's a crazy time to be alive. I seriously am mind blown every single day by the news coming out. Obviously the most recent news being the Hunter Biden laptop with all the pedophilia on it and how that's been covered up by various, uh, corrupt agencies in the government and how that's all playing out, we'll get to be seen.

Speaker: (01:48)

But this is probably an unprecedented crazy time to be most crazy time to be alive in United States. In fact, this election is probably going to be the last, uh, um, election, as we basically know it. Now it's probably going to look very different next year. That's my prediction. Um, because next year, uh, four years from now, if that ever does happen, but like it's going to be contested. Um, uh, we already know that it's going to be contested. Uh, there's going to be a lot of writing, looting, a lot of the stuff we've seen from Antifa and BLM. And it's just a crazy time. I think all, a lot of sleeper cells are gonna be activated. A lot of crazy stuff is going to be going on. And I, you know, I wanted to start this podcast a lot sooner than now, but, you know, it's, it's kind of, uh, it's, it's kind of the, uh, I guess it's, it's like the tug of war between, uh, in my soul, really of wanting to, uh, work hard, be self-sufficient, which I've accomplished, uh, much.

Speaker: (02:46)

And I'll talk more about that. And actually that's really what the show is going to be all about, um, um, is just sharing some of that knowledge, but, um, and then the tug of war between wanting to be so sufficient and then really just getting the word out about what's going on and trying to wake up friends and family and all that kind of stuff. Um, but really, so what is overcome Babylon? Um, well, it's exactly like what it sounds like. Okay. It's based off of revelation, uh, where you see the seven churches get seven different, uh, blessings to him over comes to him over comes to him who overcomes and, you know, the God most high and the flesh, his shoe he's talking. And he's saying, if you overcome, this is the blessing I have for you, and we're going to cover that too.

Speaker: (03:26)

So that's something that I'm going to be diving into, but overcome Babylon, um, um, you know, Babylon, like what is Babylon? Like what, what in the world, where did I get that whole idea and really what it is it's obviously Babylon exists at some time in history. Thousands of years ago, 500 BC is when it fell 530. Something is like, right when it fell, when Cyrus took it over the kingdom, but Babylon was a world ruling empire. Um, it was massive. It was a very corrupt, uh, Caltech. They love the occult, they love sorcery and magic. And, you know, obviously we're seeing a lot of that in the news now, um, because it's no longer hidden being hidden in the dark. A lot of the pedophilia, the child trafficking, the, a lot of the corruption and just in general, um, from local politics all the way to the top of DC, which is, you know, obviously the, what we call the swamp these days, but, um, it's all coming out. And so Babylon, you know, is the system that is now emerging. And like I said, I think this is going to be the last election that the U S has the it's now emerging. What's called the

Speaker: (04:32)

New Babylon or the Babylon, the great, or

Speaker: (04:34)

This system that wants to use 5g, microchip us, track us, control us, sensor us, and seek to basically rule and dominate every aspect of our lives. It's not a pretty future, but this is what's going on right now. And, you know, I just feel so compelled. And there's like a burden on my heart to really just talk about this and expose this. And I'm going to have some cool guests on the show. It's going to be a lot. I mean, it's going to be, you guys are in for a real treat. I think this is going to be a huge blessing in your life. At least that's my hope. That's my prayers can be a huge blessing. Um, you know, and as far as me, like, uh, you know, what, when I first discovered the whole concept of good and evil, it was really, really intense.

Speaker: (05:14)

So when I was younger, I was like maybe 14, 15. I was on drugs, you know, re really last kid, just, uh, just going with the flow, doing whatever. Like, I guess back then, if Antifa and all those guys were around, I'd be riding in the streets with them to be honest, you know, like I just didn't really have purpose direction or vision or anything for my life. And, uh, what's cool is like, my parents stepped in and um, they're like, Oh, wow. You know, like I came clean. I was like, Hey, I'm going through withdrawals. I'm trying to get off of drugs. And, um, we basically start, I told them like, Hey, let's go to church or something like, and we started going to church actually. And that's the first time I really experienced God. Like I remember there was a service where I just saw the, you know, the preacher pastor or whatever was just talking.

Speaker: (05:53)

And I just felt like a presence, like a warm, like presence of God. And like, I felt like there was some thing higher, like something in a different dimension that was, that was reaching out to me and telling me, like, I care about you. And that was profound. Like I was sitting there just listening to this guy talk, and I'm like, this isn't even the guy talking on stage. Like, there's something else here. And like, that happened to me a lot. Like I started going to church and getting involved and, you know, I remember just having those experiences where I felt what people would call the Holy spirit or the presence of God. And I didn't really quite understand what it was, but over the years, you know, I eventually, you know, started learning more about that sort of reading the Bible and all that stuff. But, you know, I honestly though, just being in churches, I, I felt stuck. You know, I really felt

Speaker: (06:40)

Like there was a lot

Speaker : (06:43)

Of like feel-good sermons, topical sermons, or just, you know, churchianity we call it right. I mean, I don't know if you call it that, but just churchianity where you go to church on Sunday and, you know, you kind of just forget about God during the week or whatever. It's just like, it, it wasn't really this personal relationship. Like it is now, like, what I have now with God is personal relationship, but for the longest time it was just this church thing. And just, and I, I thought I did everything I thought I needed to do. Like I went to the church, I went to the Bible studies, the men's groups, the, I went to a Christian college for four years and it wasn't, I mean, when I say I went to a Christian college, it wasn't just any Christian college. Right. It was Pensacola Christian college.

Speaker: (07:19)

Um, I don't mean to throw them under the bus, but they're super strict, um, very, very strict, I mean, suit and tie all the time, pretty much, um, church multiple times a week. Uh, and just really, really intense military style atmosphere, because I felt like I needed to throw myself into that to really start to grow in my knowledge of God. And, um, that actually just left me, burned out depressed. Um, and, uh, I almost, uh, completely gave up on religion. Totally. So it was actually the opposite effect. And so really at the end of my rope, what school is like, I kept going to church after college, you know, and I met my wife and, um, we, you know, we got married. That was awesome. Like, that's why, you know, I'm glad I kind of stuck with it at that time. Cause it was such a drought in my am.

Speaker: (08:00)

My just in my walk with God. Like I wasn't, it was like a desert, honestly. There's like, Oh, there's like, no, no Wells. Like, no, no one wastes this. Like, it was just a desert. And like, I would feel his presence here and there, like what I described, you know, but it just, wasn't getting deeper than that. It wasn't there wasn't intimacy, like what I really wanted and um, you know, my wife and I eventually we made the decision, like what what's going on. Like I remember back in 2015 when, you know, Trump, he was running for president and Hillary, like there was so much just so much corruption with Hillary, um, from her emails to Ben Gazi, just so much like pizza gate, uh, all the pedophilia and all the crazy stuff that was going on with her, just so much in your face corruption.

Speaker: (08:43)

And nobody was talking about it. Like all these churches that we went to, nobody was talking about it and we discovered this whole concept one day, cause we're on the computer. Like, wow, how come like, no, like preachers, pastors, teachers, leaders in churches or anything, or like politically active or, um, just like, uh, you know, speaking out against corruption and evil and like getting involved in local level of politics or just doing something like anything. And it hit us one day, we were just on the computer and we found out the whole idea of what a five Oh one C3 church is. And when we discovered the whole, this whole concept of five Oh one C3 and how it's basically these, a lot of churches basically like 99% of them become, uh, government, uh, entities, corporations under the state, the secretary of state. And there's like certain things you can and cannot say when you're a corporation, even though in the constitution, uh, there's supposed to be separation of church and state that like Lyndon B Johnson in the sixties.

Speaker: (09:41)

Um, you know, he, he, he blurred those lines and control the churches and they're politically silent and like, Oh, this stuff. Right. And we'll talk more about that. Like, I'll, I'll get in more into that. Probably. You know, if that's something you haven't heard about, just look up Lyndon B Johnson, five Oh one C3, look at, look at all that stuff. I mean, it's really, really important and it explains why we're in the situation we're in now on the brink of basically civil war, um, and basically total collapse. Uh, it's really intense what's happened because, uh, righteous people, godly people have not used their voice. And so anyways, we left churches, we discovered this whole thing about five, one six, three, what happened next? It literally changed the trajectory of my life. Um, because what I did was I felt, I was like, okay, if five Oh one C3 is this, this really awful thing that people just sign onto out of basically tradition they're attorneys.

Speaker: (10:32)

They're um, they're people just tell them, Hey, I just do it. Everybody does it. That's just the way, the way you do things. Right. So when I realized that my, my wife and I realized like, Oh my gosh, this is what's been going on. We're like, okay, what churches in my area where I live are not five, one C3. And I had to drive, I remember it was like six hours. It was a long drive. And I had my truck. I had a, you know, like, Oh man, like we went out and actually camped overnight because it was so far away in the middle of nowhere. And there's this guy and I'll never forget this. His name is Mark, you know? And we, we met and he, he, he and I started talking because over email, like obviously before I went out to pay him a visit, we were emailing each other back and forth.

Speaker: (11:14)

And he was telling me even more about like what the five, one C3 really is all about. And I was just blown away. And, um, uh, so we go, we go pay him a visit, go all the way where he lives in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. And we S we started talking and I'll never forget. Um, cause he's like a survivalist, you know, prepper, obviously he lives in the middle of nowhere. He's totally off grid. He's very, self-sufficient a lot of ways and I'll never forget what he told me. Um, we're talking about the Bible, we're talking about God spirituality, um, the depravity, the depravity and the selling out of all the trucks and just a bunch of different topics. We just go on through it. And, um, uh, there's like a, like a lot of, uh, wild animals where, where he is and they would just come up, you know, like horses.

Speaker: (12:00)

And I remember I was like, Oh, well, this is actually a really good spot to, to, you know, to live and to be away from, you know, cities and population centers and all this kind of stuff. Uh, because you have all these horses, like, man, this is great. Um, you can just, you know, if you have to, uh, you know, just take, take one out and just, uh, you know, kill it and eat it for me. And I'll never forget, like I felt so stupid afterwards cause of how he said what he said, but he's like, no, no, it's not food. And when he said that, I was like, what, what do you mean it's not food? He's like, the Bible says that there's clean and unclean animals. And if it has to, in order for it to be a clean animal for you to eat when it's a mammal, um, you know, it has to split the Huff and shoot the cut.

Speaker: (12:44)

And I was like, wait, what are we talking about, man? Like, this is crazy. And then, you know, that's when I first got introduced to the whole idea and the whole concept that the Torah is still relevant, Torah being the first five books of the Bible Genesis all the way to Deuteronomy. And there's tons of instructions in there. And tons of wisdom in that really, um, changed my life because I started studying those five books like crazy. I started reading them all the time rather than, you know, when you become a new Christian or new believer and God you're seeking God like any pastor, like I don't care who it is in America or in the West really in general. Um, cause I've been in South America, Latin America and they, they do the same thing, but they say start in John, the book of John gospel of John and in the beginning was the word.

Speaker: (13:26)

And you know, the word was gone. Word was with God and all that. That's not where you start, man. You've got to start with Genesis and work your way through all of the, of the Torah and the word Torah means instructions. And that I didn't even know that, that the Torah is instructions. Actually the word law is a really terrible translation. And so it was when I started walking in this new truth in this new light of the Torah, not just being something that's done away with nailed to the cross, but something that actually pleases the father and actually is something that, uh, makes a man righteous because righteousness of course comes through your shoe. Jesus, right? Your shoe of being in a Hebrew name, righteousness comes through, um, um, your shoe and what he did of course, but faith without works is dead. Faith without works is dead.

Speaker: (14:14)

So what are the works we're supposed to do? Are we supposed to go to church every Sunday, give our money away to people so they can pay their mortgages? Cause that's typically what pastors do or is there something else there's more to the story, right? So that's, um, I'll, I'll leave you with that little nugget there because that, that really, without that understanding a lot of, um, a lot, a lot of the understanding, not only to the truth of the Bible, but really what's going on in the world is going to be shut. Like it's going to be shut to your understanding. So I really wanna encourage you to definitely stick around, check out some of the information that I and others, you know, like Jim Staley and have are throwing out and putting out there because there's just so much truth. Um, um, that we as Westerners through our traditions and very being very Catholic and, and all that we've lost over the years.

Speaker: (15:02)

Um, so yeah, that's overcome Babylon. I'm basically gonna be diving into a lot of what's going on. Uh, we're we're talking about like current events, very relevant events, uh, you know, hopefully, you know, I'll, I'll be able to break some things here and just really, uh, talk about some of the craziness. I mean, there's so much news that like, it really is like putting your mouth on a garden hose these days for information, you cannot drink it, you cannot drink at all. It's too much. Um, but hopefully, uh, just through breaking it down and just showing you some concepts, it really, you know, you're hopefully just going to be really blessed from this information. And, um, and really the whole point is to be prepared spiritually, uh, physically and emotionally for what's about to happen because there is going to be a collapse. Um, not only in the Fiat dollar, but just with the way society is, um, uh, it was already prophesied that this was going to happen.

Speaker: (15:59)

You know, whether it's the chip, uh, the microchip, which bill Gates obviously is, is really pushing, uh, the microchip vaccine technology, uh, or the 5g to track trace and just, you know, run our lives into the ground. There's just so much stuff that's just literally biblically, uh, uh, significant and prophetic will. And, um, I'll be breaking some of that down and, uh, real quick. So before I get going for today, um, I want to share something with you and, um, hopefully this helps understand, uh, really the heart and soul of, of overcome Babylon. And I'm going to read, these are the seven promises that you should've gave. Yes, it was like 2000 ish years ago, ish. He gave these promises a while ago, but they're still relevant as ever. They're still as relevant as ever. They meant something back then. And they mean something right here and right now, okay, I'm going to read the seven promises.

Speaker: (16:58)

You can find these in the book of revelation. I use the tree of life version. I love the tree of life version. So this is what it says, that here's the first promise to the one who overcomes I will grant the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God. That's promise. Number one, promise number two, the one who overcomes shall never be harmed by the second death promise. Number three to the one who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna and I will give him a white stone and written on the stone, a new name that no one knows, except for the one that who receives it. That's promise. Number three, promise number four to the one who overco okay to the one who overcomes and guards my deeds until the end, I will give him the authority over the nations and he will shall rule them with a rod of iron as when clay pots are broken into pieces, even as I have received from my father.

Speaker: (17:52)

So I will give him the morning star. So obviously this is your shoe is speaking to us. Promise number five, the one who overcomes thus will be dressed in white clothes. I will never, I will never blot his name out of the book of life and will confess his name before my father and his angels promise number six, the one who overcomes I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God and he will never leave it. And on him, I will write the name of my God in the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from my God and my own new name, promise number seven. So the one who overcomes I will grant the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I myself overcame and sat down with my father on his throne.

Speaker: (18:45)

So those are the promises to those of us, you and me that overcome Babylon and this whole system that is now being ushered in. And it's a combination of in your face, Luciferian ism in your face, uh, alien technology, which now, uh, you know, the capstone is the 5g, uh, surveillance grid that that literally is manipulating, controlling our reality. And of course the microchip and the vaccine, the smart dust, there's a lot of angles to it, but yeah, the vaccine mandatory vaccine, they want to roll out so that you and I no longer have free, will you and I no longer are 100% human because it's an MRN, a vaccine that is going to change the people's DNA who get the vaccine. And unfortunately we are going to watch a lot of our neighbors, uh, friends, people that we know, even our family, we're going to see them go through this.

Speaker: (19:43)

It's going to be bad and they're not going to know like sheep to the slaughter. They're not going to know what they're putting into their body, but that's why we need to share this information. We need to share the fact that there is an agenda. It's a huge agenda. It's an agenda about control the population and literally changing what God made in his image into something different, something alien. So stick around, I'm going to be sharing, hopefully some stuff that will really bless you and bless you and your life and your walk with God. And let's overcome.

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