• Simeon Erez

How The Bible Predicted Voter Fraud Over 3000 Years Ago

Though the Bible doesn't mention voter fraud explicitly by name, what you will find in today's episode is the elephant in the room that no one is acknowledging. Nobody is talking about WHY this voter fraud has been happing over, and over, and over again throughout US history. The answer is so simple it will make your head spin. We have broken God's original covenant, and therefore the curses for disobedience still applies to this very day...

🎙️ It is now seven days after the election, and the dust is beginning to settle. Massive amounts of Democrat party voter fraud in favor of Biden have been confirmed in key battleground states like Michigan and Wisconsin along with Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and much more. This reality begs the question—how long has voter fraud been going on? Why has God been allowing this to happen? Why are such evil, criminal powers attempting to dominate our lives? I will address these questions and more as I cover the latest news and developments on this Tuesday 10-Nov-2020 show.


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