• Simeon Erez

The Antichrist's Identity is Now Clear

Understanding who the "man of lawlessness" is key to overcoming deception when global government starts to make its final push towards domination. Some believe that this person is one of the monsters high within the ranks of the banking families like the Rothschilds...or maybe someone like a Bill Gates. Hopefully this episode will help you gain understanding on who this person really might be and how he will rise up and conquer three kings right before establishing total control...

🎙️ The Antichrist and his 666 number are now becoming more clear than ever. Daniel was told to seal up the prophecy until “the time of the end.” What does this mean? The truth is that his visions and prophecy could not be understood until now—at the very end of the age. Join me as I discuss the likely identity of the Antichrist (also known as “beast” in Daniel and Revelation), and how exactly the dragon (satan) is giving him power. We’ll also be diving into current events, the rise of communism worldwide, and my strong predictions of what is going to happen in the near future.


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