• Simeon Erez

The REAL Reasons Why Churches Are Obeying Covid Orders

The year 2020 has revealed the true nature of mainstream churches once and for all. Religious institutions across the US submitted to the tyrannical medical “pandemic” laws of COVID-19 for the first three weeks. And rather than properly investigate the matter from the start, stand in the healing powers of YHVH of the Bible, and openly defy satanic lockdown orders, they submitted above and beyond the first three weeks, and pacified themselves with Zoom meetings and virtual substitutes for physical community....

🎙️ In this episode, I explain WHY churches are so weak, compromised, and dens of thieves and falsehoods. Mainstream 501c3 churches are now officially part of the Mystery Babylon infrastructure and have proven their loyalty once again to their master (hint: it’s NOT the Hebrew Messiah Yeshua). Get ready, this episode is going to explore the two-edge marshmallow sword of conformity!


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