• Simeon Erez

Understanding The Most Terrifying Verse in the Bible

Have you wondered what the difference is between sin, transgression, lawlessness, and iniquity? Today I’m taking you on a straightforward journey to figure out exactly what “sin” is once and for all while breaking down one of the most terrifying verses in the Bible from Matthew 7:23.

🎙️ This is a HUGE episode. If you figure out what THIS verse is saying, you will NEVER be in a dangerous position where Jesus could tell you "Get away from Me..." or "Depart from Me..."!!! I’ll also show you why most churches, Protestants, and Western religious circles have a really hard time coming to grips with this very simple concept of “sin” while completely botching Matthew 7:23. Trust me, it’s extremely simple! In true religious fashion, people have overcomplicated this subject with their imaginations and ulterior motives. With that said, I’ll show you exactly how I like to pick apart the Hebrew and Greek languages so that you can scrutinize, judge, and research this information for yourself…and whatever other Scriptures you want!


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