• Simeon Erez

WARNING - West Coast Chinese Invasion As Soon As 2020

The wars and rumors of wars continue as we approach the end of the age that Yeshua, the Torah, and the Prophets of the Bible told us about. There are eyewitness accounts in Canada that Chinese troops are not only being deployed to the western regions of Canada, but they seem to be actively taking over, thanks to globalist leader Trudeau.

🎙️ They seem to be preparing and drilling for FEMA-style operations including the use of canopy trucks and black helicopters. To see the full Blogging Hounds article that I discuss in detail, visit Dave Hodges article here:


--> Strategic Relocation with Joel Skousen

The best time to get prepared for what is coming...was yesterday. The second best time is today. Check out Joel's work (both the DVD and books) at the Infowars store by using my link and get FREE shipping:

--> Go see Microsoft's mark of the beast, cryptocurrency patent for yourself:


--> For more videos, articles, and information, go to

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