• Simeon Erez

Why Is America Collapsing? pt1: Mystery Lawlessness

It is no secret that the US and the West are now in a state of collapse. Debt is at an all-time high. The COVID plan-demic has shut down all ordinary way of life and bankrupted small businesses on a mass scale. Food lines are huge, and the only thread holding this whole system together is mortage payment deferments and endless money printing. The house of cards won't stand forever...

🎙️ More chaos is going to continue because lawlessness abounds. But what does the Bible really mean when it talks about “lawlessness”? And why are America and the West no longer receiving protection from the Most High like in the past? Why are we being handed over into God's judgement? Today’s episode hopes to shed light on the root-cause cancer that has infected mainstream Western religion since Constantine’s reign in the year AD 313.


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