• Simeon Erez

Why Is America Collapsing? pt2: Abortion to Molech

The religion of the global elite is bloodshed, violence, and human sacrifice. Dark Secrets of the Bohemian Grove was one earth shattering documentary that exposed the elitist religion of molech worship where they would simulate the burning of a human infant in the arms of the owl-like "diety" while chanting religious nonsense and wearing dark robes in the middle of the redwoods of northern California. They have practiced their Bohemian religion in secret for over 140 years, but today I'll explain how they infiltrated mainstream culture since Roe v Wade and pushed their religion on all unsuspecting victims of their depopulation agenda.

🎙️ The abortion industry is now responsible for over 61 million deaths in the US according to estimates. However, the number is likely much higher. And what’s worse is that there is an illegal fetal tissue harvesting and sales industry going on behind the scenes that can only be described as pure evil. If it weren’t for the undercover journalism carried out by Center for Medical Progress, the idea of fetal tissue sales would still be conspiracy “theory” when it is actually conspiracy fact! Join me on today’s show as I expose yet another one of the main reasons why America must experience cleansing in the form of God’s judgment just like Israel did in the days of Jeremiah the prophet.


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