• Simeon Erez

Why Is America Collapsing? pt3: Communist Churches

The violent, bloody overthrow of the status quo is not something that happens overnight. Even Karl Marx understood that gradual steps needed to be taken to achieve the end result of a so-called utopia. One of the those key steps was partnering with existing political parties and infiltrating the more "left" and democratic elements of society where sympathizers could easily be recruited. Today, I'll break down how churches were strategically infiltrated to bring about the end result we are now witnessing in the US...

🎙️ Karl Marx once said "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". He was talking about the redistribution of wealth through a totalitarian, centralized government with full control over production and markets. What you'll find in this episode is the striking similarity to the doctrines of modern Protestant groups and the teachings of Marx. In this episode, you'll learn about the applied communism ideology that we refer to as "tithing" while presenting Hebrew and Greek studies to get to the root understanding of what God actually expects from His people when it comes to money and "tithing." If you're easily offended, be warned--this could be some of the most triggering content you've heard in a while. Regardless of where you stand currently, I invite you to see a much different perspective on money, wealth, and tithing that is not being taught by hardly anyone today in modern churches.


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